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Angel Card Reading and Tarot Reading; What is the Difference?

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The main difference between a tarot reading and an angel card reading is that they each use a different deck of cards. Either type of deck can be used for divination of all sorts. So why choose one over the other? Normally it is simply a matter of personal preference. Some readers have a collection of several different types of deck, though most will have a favorite.

Standard Tarot Deck

A standard tarot deck has 78 cards and is not used in an angel card reading. Of these 78 cards, 56 are labeled minor arcana and 22 as major arcana. Major arcana bear relation to important things and events whilst the minor arcane relate to less important. Some of the minor arcana are dubbed court cards and will be associated with emotions, feelings and the people that hold significance in your life. Certain tarot cards may convey negative meanings whilst others may be positive. Thus you can use standard tarot cards for yes/no readings.

Angel Card Reading Decks

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A typical angel card deck of oracle cards

Angel cards fall into the category of Oracle Cards. Oracle cards do not have a set format like normal tarot cards. They may have varying numbers of cards depending upon which angel card deck is used, but can be used in divination much in the same manner as a standard tarot deck. Interpreting them, however, is a bit different. Unlike a normal tarot deck, angel cards are all positive. There are no negative cards in an angel deck. This is because angels are not concerned with negativity. They are instead concerned with love and nurturing.

Angels are with us all the time and their love is unconditional, looking beyond our faults and mistakes. When we are in need they are there to help us. Angel cards reflect this. So while an angel card reading is useful, it will usually only focus on positive self-worth, strength, kindness, love, joy and other forms of support. Angel cards usually don’t give much in the way of warnings of negative impact and are less likely to reveal the skeletons in your closet or talk about matters that you are uncomfortable with. While you may think that strange, it is still possible to perform accurate readings using such cards, they just have some limitations.

It is worth noting that not all angel decks are the same. Thus each angel deck will have cards of different meanings and have to be learnt separately. On the plus side, most angel cards have relatively clear meanings and are not too difficult to understand. Some even think them more fun to use than tarot cards.

angel card reading by candle lightThe Reader Is In Control

With any type of deck the reading will only be as good as the reader. Whilst angel cards can sometimes be great tools for beginners there is still a certain amount of intuitive interpretation necessary for a detailed and accurate reading. The tarot reading scene has many really great readers and unfortunately a fair few that really do not have the gift, but make mighty claims nevertheless. With the reader being in control, it is important that you choose a good reader, especially if you are paying for a reading. An experienced tarot reader will be able to get accurate readings from both types of deck and will present the querent with a clear and easy to understand report of either an angel card reading or an ordinary tarot deck reading.

If you are a novice and wish to do readings using an angel card deck yourself, make sure to purchase a new and unused deck. Used decks can bear an imprint of the previous user and may lead to inaccurate readings. It is generally recommended that only one person ever uses a deck. So once you have bought one, don’t let your friends or family borrow it and always keep it wrapped when not in use. If your friend wants to use your deck buy them their own as a gift instead.

It is Your Choice

It is up to you, which type of deck you prefer, Tarot deck, Angel cards or other oracle cards. Depending upon the situation and circumstances you may prefer one to the other. I have both. Personally I quite like the extra flexibility of a normal tarot deck so I use them most of the time, but there are times when an angel card reading hits the spot just right. I especially like angels and feel a strong connection to them. When I feel drawn toward them, I will often use angel cards. They have their own valued place within my heart and are especially good for people that need a pick-me-up. So now all you need to do is choose. Do you want an angel card reading or a tarot reading? Go-on why not give them both a try?

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