Tarot Card Reading

Welcome to Angel Tarot Reading, the home of Blackfoot Angel, native  American Indian and tarot reader.

It is Angel’s aim to provide the most accuratarot card readingte and professional tarot card reading possible. If you wish for an angel card reading, a 3 card reading, a 5 card reading or any other kind of tarot reading,  Angel will be happy to help. You can expect to be treated with respect. Any information you give is in the strictest of confidence (this includes the details of your reading).

Your Tarot Card Reading

You may inquire of the cards for information with regard to any subject you care to choose*. Love, family, health and prosperity are all possible topics for your reading, but please don’t feel that you are confined to this list.

What to Expect From Your Tarot Card Reading

  • You can expect to receive a well written summary of your cards.
  • Each card chosen will be listed and interpreted for you in turn.
  • You will be told how each card is associated with your specific query.
  • Angel will always honestly inform you of what the cards indicate.
  • Angel will not lie to soothe or mislead you.
  • Your reading report will be written in easy to understand English.
  • Your report will be emailed to you within the allotted time-frame.
  • Angel will unwaveringly adhere to the ethics policy as outlined on the ethics page of this site.

So what are you waiting for? Request your personal tarot card reading now and start your journey to enlightenment!

Safety Information

the future is

You always have the power to choose. Take your steps carefully and wisely

  • Angel pledges that your personal details will NEVER be passed to any third party for promotional or any other purposes.
  • Angel Tarot Reading is not associated with any witchcraft or spell-making.
  • You will not be told that you have a curse placed upon you and that you must pay money to have it removed.
  • You will not be told what to do. How you choose to use the information from your reading is up to you. Everyone has the gift of free will. Please use it wisely and morally.
  • The future as predicted in your reading is only one possible future. You have the ability to alter your own future. It is Angel’s desire to help empower you to make good use of it.

*Providing said request is not crude, illegal or highly immoral (Angel reserves the right to refuse any request she deems to be inappropriate).
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